Labor Day Whites Get Whimsical With Derek Lam

Dear Fashionistas,

Long gone is the rule that you can’t wear white after Labor Day (Coco Chanel herself kicked those rules to the curb back in the 20’s when she included white in her style year round). Even so, when we think of this holiday white still seems to be the only thing that pops into our heads. We thought it would be fun to find some great whites for your beach party/BBQ/summer house excursion this long weekend! As we happily transition into this Fall’s great pieces lets say goodbye to Summer in style…Fashionista San Francisco style. San Francisco born Derek Lam seems a great place to start so here’s an all Lam compilation…with a little Alexis Bittar jewelry thrown in. Shop Alexis Bittar jewels at his SF boutique in Pac Heights at 1942 Fillmore St….it’s one of only 5 brick & mortars that he has…and most importantly have a fabulously chic all white weekend!

xoxo Kris

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  1. Lisa

    I love those wedges. So cute!

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