The Future’s So Bright…

sweater: J. Crew; pants: Hollister; jewelry:House of Harlow; ankle boots & clutch: F21


Dear Fashionistas,

At Fashionista San Francisco we couldn’t be more excited for Fall’s new fashions. Oxblood, geometric, navy, velvet…we love it all! For some reason though every time we open our closets and reach for those burgundy cord skinnies we can’t help but be drawn to our favorite brights from Summer. Are we really ready to let all those amazingly blinding pants go yet? How much of a fashion high did you get when you were wearing actual sunshine?! The future of Fall is bright but we felt that on this sunny San Francisco day we would keep Summer’s fashions going a little bit longer and encourage onlookers to wear some shades. Who’s with us…? Comment to let us know what Summer fashions you’re sad to see go.

xoxo Kris

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5 Responses to The Future’s So Bright…

  1. Lisa

    I always miss my cut off jean shorts and favorite tank top combo:( But I am excited for my jeans and favorite oversized sweater combo! Oh yeah, and boots!

  2. Jeanette

    Love the pants! 🙂

  3. Julie

    I will miss the summer sundress, not that I get to wear them too much in SF! Love the outfit!!!

  4. Nicki Brashear

    Sad to see the high-low dresses go bye-bye:(

  5. Dena

    Awww! You look cute!

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