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One of the ultimate (and underpurchased) indulgences in life is gorgeous, high-end lingerie. The idea of spending money on something that not many people will see somehow hasn’t caught on here in the States like it has in France, but we think this is the perfect time to change all that. If your normal February 14th shopping list includes a trip to the closest Victoria’s Secret take a leap this year and check out one of the cities best lingerie stores. Alla Prima Lingerie carries top lines like Eres, La Perla, Andres Sarda, Epure, and Minuit Douze. They will make you feel special in either of their 2 locations – North Beach and Hayes Valley. 5 minutes in this shop and you’ll be coming up with many more reasons than Valentines Day to purchase one of their treasures. Whether you go all out with garter belts, stockings and a boa like the first photo of Gruppo La Perla, lean towards the Mad Men styling of the second Andres Sarda ensemble, or keep it a little more subdued (not really…) with a set like this green burnout velvet Gruppo La Perla you can be sure to knock some socks off. No special someone this year? Don’t worry…in the end lingerie this beautiful really is for our own satisfaction anyways, right? So go on and treat yourself to a little something unexpected.

xoxo Kris


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  1. Nicki Brashear

    Sexy Mama! Love it.

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