An Interview with Chuck Kazemi of Make Your Momentum

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Here at Fashionista San Francisco we’re always looking for the next great thing to introduce our readers to and we are super stoked when we find something that makes us feel good and look good. We can remember specifically when Toms shoes first came out (and then shades) and how awesome it was to see someone being successful AND making a difference in the world. Make Your Momentum is just that type of movement. Currently producing tees, hoodies, and hats the concept is all about Desire + Drive and how every person can “make their own momentum” and push their lives forward. We’re huge fans of their quirky tweets for some daily motivation (our fave~ “Sometimes the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. Don’t let that bitter batch contaminate the fruits of your labor, stay juicin!”).  All shirts are made on American Apparel gear and even better is that a portion of each sale goes to a local non-profit Note-Able Music Therapy Services. We had to find out exactly what started this clothing revolution so we sat down with Chuck Kazemi, creator of the lifestyle brand Make Your Momentum, for a little chat.

Hey Chuck,

Let’s start off with the whole purpose behind MYM. We find it to be a hugely motivating company based on creating your own destiny and the power of positivity. We especially love following your tweets @MakeMomentum! At what point did you decide to Make Your Momentum? 

Sometimes people need a reminder to be great, break a bad habit or to be inspired.  We created Make Your Momentum for folks to rekindle the inner-greatness that’s already inside all of us because maybe we forget how special we are, maybe we forget to fight for the things we love and strive simply for the sake of striving.  MYM is intended to mentally push you, keeping your Desire + Drive close to mind and heart influencing self-awareness.  To be honest, and it’s somewhat embarrassing to disclose, but my momentum was inspired during a breakup and the fallout of losing love.  MYM was not only the light to help me get through that dark time, but also a lifestyle attitude that consumed me, which I’ve now made my reality. I’m not saying that MYM was conceived at this point; rather my motivation from being at my lowest is what gave me the strength to pursue what I loved.  Tweeting is very interesting, I still don’t get it but those tweets are daily messages I write to myself to keep me out of my funk, its encouragement for me to face my adversities with a clear mind and an open heart.


MYM gives back to the community and generously supports local non-profits. How do you decide which organizations to support and are there any new collaborations coming soon? 

I knew from the start that MYM was going to be associated with a non-profit, keeping our message close to home and supporting those who make great impacts locally. I found a list of local non-profits in town and called the first one… I spoke with a corporate non-profit and found the gal only to be interested in my money, not my cause with greater concerns about ‘branding’ than anything else. I wasn’t interested in supporting a cause that wouldn’t acknowledge my efforts to help support theirs, so I continued on with my list.  I found Note-Able Music Therapy Services which provides inclusive music programs and music therapy services for children and adults of all ages and abilities.  I’m a musician, I love kids, and I’d love to locally support folks with disabilities through the power of music therapy. I was sold and they had my heart on the spot so I made my 2nd and final phone call and pledged my commitment. We do plan on working with more non-profits in the near future and have a fun new business opportunity to get more involved. There’s definitely more to come on that.


MYM is made using American Apparel gear. Is “Made in America” a big message for MYM? 

Made in America is the only way to be. We spend a little bit more on our shirts to support our folks right here in our country. When you’re a new business owner you’re really looking for ways to save cost and drive profits, but you won’t find MYM on anything other than American-made, top of the line apparel.


You’ve gained a huge following in Northern Nevada and are in tons of stores out there…any plans to branch out to Bay Area shops? You know Sf loves to support a good cause! 

Without a question of a doubt. We live our message and aspire to get some minds moving in a positive direction. We appeal to the masses and don’t quite fit in the cookie-cutter parameters of a demographics’ standard. We’re kinda like the last kid picked in elementary school basketball… we’ll have and support anyone who will have and support us!


What does the future hold for MYM? Any new styles on the horizon, events or partnerships we should be looking out for

We’re doing some fun new designs in men’s and women’s apparel and will be releasing a children’s line very soon!  We’ve also reached out to some friends and are supporting youth wrestling locally and professional mixed martial arts.  MYM is really trying to be a part of the things that we love and continue to look for new platforms to build from.


Alright last question…we like to ask all of our guests what spots they like to hit up in the Bay Area. Any favorite bars, restaurants or stores when you come to town? 

What’s funny is I was actually born at UCSF, lived in the Bay Area for 8 years but am clueless to ‘what’s hot’!  When I take the trip from Reno to the SFBay I hit up Ikeda’s, IKEA, Nation’s, Giants/49ers…and not necessarily in that order.

Thanks Chuck!

Make Your Momentum can be found in shops in the Reno area (fingers crossed they’ll be in SF soon!) so for now go on and buy it here and don’t forget to follow them on fb and twitter! Do something today to Make Your Momentum!

xoxo Kris


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  1. Nicki Brashear

    I love the colors. Nice interview!

  2. Chuck Vaynerchuk

    Great interview, Kris! #MYMNation

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