Summer Fashion For When It’s 70 Degrees~In SAN FRANCISCO?!!



Anytime SF weather hits above a 63 we’re calling our ladies for a bikini wax. Nothing gets a Fashionista into a dress faster than the hint of an elusive SF sunny day and today we have it! Forecast of 70 degrees in the city which means if you are one of the lucky ones that aren’t working today you need to run, not walk to Azalea, pick up this adorable Parker Ruffle Jumper in Cheetah (bonus it’s on sale) and get your stylish self to Golden Gate Park with a blanket, some reading material, and some refreshments. Our favorite location is right at  the Conservatory of Flowers….the little dip in the grass means no wind and perfect sunning temps…and what a view!

See you there…

xoxo Kris


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