San Francisco’s Most Stylish Interchangeable Watch Brand~Modify Watches

kxIMG_7500hIMG_7651Behind the scenes shots on location; my new rose gold face with crimson and black straps; a few of the Modify strap choices; Ayo and Aaron doing a Superman dive…why not?; left to right Antonio, Aaron, Ayo and Ashil


Dear Fashionistas,

We were invited to spend the day at the Modify Watches “Fashionista/Summer Campaign” photo shoot this weekend and couldn’t have been more stoked to participate. We featured them in a post here during the World Series last year and thought we knew everything we needed to know about Modify. They’re a San Francisco based company that makes watches with interchangeable faces and straps. Easy enough, right? Wrong. The day went something like this…

We showed up bright and early to an outdoor location in downtown SF. A little “misty” out (no shock here) but everyone was in warm spirits and ready to get this photo shoot underway. Super photog Antonio De Lucci and his crew were ready to roll. Our gorgeous model Kaitlyn arrived with hair & makeup (Tricia had her work cut out for her with the rain), and Liddy & Lauren from our favorite shop Hangr 16 were there to do the styling. The shoot got going and we were loving the concept of mixing these super fun, bright, eclectic watches with Vuitton heels and an Hermes Clutch. As we’re talking to the Creative Director for the company we’re starting to understand his motto for Modify ~ Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime. We’re wearing our staple oversized gold watch that we thought was the only thing that went with our blush pink Prada and starting to feel a tinge of jealousy seeing everyone in these sweet combinations ~ but we keep it to ourselves for now…

We did several sartorial shots in and around the alleyways (can’t wait to see them hit the press!) and headed back to Modify Headquarters in SOMA for wardrobe change and to pick up more models. Here’s where the magic started unfolding for us. We start to get it. Modify Watches is a company that sells watches. Really sweet watches that we are now fully obsessed with owning all of and getting everyone we know into. The beauty of Modify Watches isn’t just the really cool color combinations (camo face, glitter face and clear strap coming to a store near you soon!) but the fact that Modify is a lifestyle. We love the term so we’ll say it….it’s a movement. The small team behind Modify all have one thing in common ~ they want to build and be part of a community of people that are involved in something. After spending 15 hours with Ashil (Creative Director), Ayo (VP of Marketing),  Aaron (Co-Founder), and Michael (Marketing) we got the feeling that “that something” mainly requires having fun. They call their community the ModiFamily and it’s a worldwide network of peeps that not only rock their Mod’s everywhere but also design and vote on which designs are going to be produced. During March they did a “March MODness” Sweet 16 bracket where facebook fans voted on their fave watch faces and whittled it down to the final 4 this past Friday. We can’t wait to see which one gets made! In essence the ModiFamily controls what the company does and this will carry on far after the company moves from watches into other interchangeable goods (fingers crossed that more products are to come!).

We continued the shoot with the rest of the amazing models Lizzie, Jackie, Vince, Oscar (he rocked our favorite combo of the day- purple button up, purple bow tie, beanie and purple watch) and Modify’s own Michael Vlamis (who I didn’t find out until the END of the night was just on this episode of New Girl…What?! Tell us everything about Zooey!) and wrapped it up with a pool scene showcasing that the watches are water-resistant. Yes, Aaron ended up in the pool and this seems to be the only way he would have wanted to end the day. It was super clear that there HAD to be a spontaneous element happening in order for it to be true to the brand that is Modify and we love them for it.

As we wrapped up at ModiHQ they graciously let us pick some swag to rock (thankfully because at this point the desire to be part of the family was way too much. The gold watch came off and the Mod was on before we stepped out the door to grab a cocktail at the neighborhood bar). It became even more obvious with how long everyone took to find their perfect combinations just how awesome this whole mix and match concept really is. The possibilities are endless and the good news is the watch faces($25-$30) and straps($15-$20) are super affordable so you can buy enough options to have a “classic look”, and then 47 fun bright ones that pop. We ended up with the rose gold face and the crimson and black straps to keep it classy (check them out with the Prada and Marc Jacobs above) but know that our next purchase is one of the neons to spice things up. Side note – they come in mini (the one we got) and classic sizes.

All in all what we took away from getting to spend the day with the Modify guys is this:

  • We want to be and now are part of the #ModiFamily. We could have snapped some pics and called it a day but we just. couldn’t. leave. and that’s a rare vibe to find
  • Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime. From grandparents to kids, athletes to cubicle folk, fashionistas to dogs (yes….dogs are part of the family too) everyone fits the lifestyle that is Modify
  • They actually care. Each order comes with a hand written note that starts your Mod relationship
  • They have a pretty awesome facebook and twitter thing going
  • These guys don’t take themselves too seriously (check out their website to see their favorite SNL skits and photos of them when they were kids) but they all clearly get what it means to love what you do, surround yourself with like minded people, and feel good about doing a really great job. And they’re on to something.

xoxo Kris


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  1. Oscar Caicedo Wong

    Hi Kris,

    It was me the one wearing the combo of the day 🙂

  2. sanfran2012

    Oscar! Of course I knew that was you…total typo;) I can’t wait for the actual pics of that outfit….so rad. Great meeting you!

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