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Dear Fashionistas,

This week’s Chic Cuisine date night brought us to Globe, a small restaurant in the Financial District for some American cuisine. On a Wednesday night at around 8pm the place was not exactly packed, but the intimate feel of the restaurant most certainly attracts the financial district crowd for cocktails and a bite. In what is most natural to the boyfriend and I we started with wine. The unseasonably warm weather in San Francisco last week had me craving cold crisp white and rose wines as they are the perfect thirst quencher for a hot day! We both had a glass of a French syrah rose, and boy was it good. It hit all the right notes of being light and crisp, but dry and not fruity.

Next, we ordered the little gem lettuce salad with blue cheese, hazelnuts, and buttermilk dressing. Unfortunately the bf isn’t a cheese guy so we had to order the blue cheese on the side, but I definitely got to indulge in some creamy, delectable blue cheese on my salad and it was a winner! So many of the appetizers on Globe’s menu seem like winners, you really can’t go wrong with any choice (the options with burrata were really calling my name but that will have to be another visit)! For dinner I ordered the king salmon with boccacino pasta, wilted kale and parmesan cheese topped with a salsa verde. Oh. My. Goodness. The salmon was cooked perfectly, really tender and moist while the pasta and wilted kale with parmesan was a wonderfully complex, salty (but not too much so…) side which made me do a little happy dance at all of the incredible flavors. He ordered the pork chop, with confit shoulder, butter beans and broccoli di cicco and (as is the norm on our foodie dinner dates) we were both silent for at least 10 minutes, really enjoying the food before debriefing when our mouths were not stuffed.

Globe’s menu is not extensive, but there were so many delicious looking things on it that it really deserves revisiting. I walked by a table that had ordered the oyster mushroom and truffle oil pizza and my head turned as I got a whiff of the delectable truffle oil, cheese and rich mushroom scent. That, a burrata appetizer and maybe another glass of that rose on a warm day would make a happy foodie blogger!

Xoxo Ariana

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