Hand Made Shoes In Florence Courtesy Of Lucky Magazine

Dear Fashionistas,

First off sorry to keep you waiting! It’s been a couple of crazy travel weeks but we’re back and ready to share 😉

When we were planning our trip to Italy we had a few things on our mind…food, wine, and of course fashion! We wrapped up our travels throughout Tuscany with a few days in Florence and got to spend them with one of our most Fashionista friends Elisia. Other than being a blast to catch up with and a total partner in crime at the Gelato Festival that happened to be right in front of our hotel (coincidence…?) Elisia is GREAT to travel with because she comes prepared with maps of all the major shopping places we need to hit and tons of behind the scenes finds. This time she brought along Lucky Magazines City Shopping Guide for Florence that included this total gem. Francesco da Firenze is a Florence shoe cobbler that has been making custom shoes for 3 generations. You pick the soles, the color of leather and the style of sandal and they measure your foot and make them for you within twenty.four.hours. Seriously. Elisia had spent some time in Florence before we met up with her and had already ordered a pair of siiiiiiiick bronze gladiators. We went with her to pick them up and hit meltdown mode when we saw this cute little shop and thought we couldn’t get a pair for ourselves before our morning flight the next day. Not only did Francesco whip them up in 2 HOURS he made us 2 pair! We grabbed some more gelato and when we came to pick them up he measured everything to the exact shape of our foot. We were out the door after snooping around his workshop and stealing a few quick pics (sorry for the quality….I was trying to hurry!) Check out a video of how they make the shoes here. Check out their facebook here to see tons of other styles including gorgeous mens shoes. Oh, and did we mention that we got both pairs of hand made sandals for $180 US?!!!!!

We can’t figure out which pair we love more…our classic black cage sandal or our tan lace up gladiator style. All we know is they are soooo comfy and we’ve gotten compliments every time we’ve worn them!

Thanks Lucky Mag & Elisia for the inside tip and thanks Francesco and team for making our Italian shoe dreams come true!!!

xoxo Kris

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