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Dear Fashionistas,

And we’re back with Chic Cuisine! In the last couple of weeks I have been eating to hearts content in all the most fabulous restaurants in the city because (drumroll please…) it was mine and the boyfriends birthday celebrations!! And we definitely got our moneys worth of good food, good drinks and good times, beginning with Absinthe. This brasserie and bar has been on my list of “must go restaurants” since I have lived in the city, and for some crazy unknown reason this was my first time there…and people, it will not be my last.

In the celebratory spirit, we started with a bottle of prosecco, and lots of appetizers. We ordered the mixed olives (boyfriend and I are olive fanatics…more on that later), spicy fried chickpeas and oysters. Now, we are by no means oyster connoisseurs, so we asked for a recommendation, and the superb server recommended the kusshi oysters as they are more mild and not as briny as other varieties. They were amazing! They were flavorful, delicious, and a great recommendation and reintroduction to the world of oysters. For entrees, the boy ordered the coq au vin. For those unfamiliar, coq au vin is a French braise of chicken with burgundy wine, mushrooms, and garlic. This particular version also had bacon, root vegetables, was topped with a crostini which really elevated the flavors and took it to the next level. (The boy could barely look up long enough to give me a verdict beyond a caveman grunt, but that’s how we know it is good).

I ordered the potato crusted arctic char, with little gem lettuce salad, blue lake beans, radish, a soft boiled egg and nicoise olives. After the first bite, I was dancing inside…the thinly sliced potatoes on top of the arctic char topped with a little bit of sea salt were so flavorful, and added so much dimension and texture to the fish. Like I mentioned before…I am an olive fanatic. If there is an olive on a menu, I am eating it. There’s something about the natural salty, complex flavors that I cannot get enough of. So in addition to the olive appetizer, my entrée had nicoise olives. It was the perfect little salty bite to add to the fish and the salad with the soft boiled egg. For the girl who always salts her food, this meal was the perfect amount of salt, and was perfectly seasoned. Every bite was enjoyed until the last! I cannot recommend Absinthe enough…go now!


Xoxo Ariana

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