Meet Erica Fagin, Fashionista San Francisco’s Newest “It” Girl

Meet Erica:


Unlike other women in her position, Erica wasn’t the girl who grew up with pages from Vogue taped to her wall and an inherent feel for what to wear every day. As a matter of fact, she didn’t get into this game until much later than most, when she started modeling for a couple of her college friends. Erica’s interest in how they constructed and styled clothes rapidly became an interest in the entire world of fashion. And now that she’s started truly exploring that world, she honestly can’t imagine what took her so long to get there.


Erica spent her childhood in Colorado, where she learned to snowboard. She attended school in Chicago, where she learned to speak Norwegian. And she moved to San Francisco in April 2013, where she now works as a cartographer.


Just as she’s only recently taken a foray into the world of fashion, her journey into the City by the Bay is also just beginning. She’s excited to share her discoveries with you on Fashionista San Francisco!



This past weekend we took a trip to the East Bay. Walking down the quaint streets of Walnut Creek, we stopped in at Brandy Melville, mostly because we wanted to test the truth behind “One size fits all”. We were a little skeptical, and went in thinking that “one size fits all” would mean “one size fits waifish, slim, 5’ 8” beach blondes”.


However, we at Fashionista San Francisco are excited to report that all the clothes we tried out worked great! The brand’s style is very casual, loose, and not too tailored (very fitting for it’s whole laid-back, west coast look), so they flatter wider range of body types than you’d expect. There also seemed to be a very specific color palette and range of silhouettes, which meant it was easy to mix and match different items. And while most people we saw in the store were waifish, slim, 5’ 8” beach blondes; the curvier, shorter, darker-haired among us (like Erica) were doing just fine.


The verdict: For a brand that takes a risk by attaching itself to a “one size fits all” moniker, Brandy Melville manages to pull off a wide range of fashionable, trendy looks.

As proof, here one outfit of those looks, inspired by their casual attitude with our own amped up twist: We started with the stars and stripes tank top, and selected the more structured denim vest to layer on top. The cut-offs (because what’s more American than daisy dukes with the red white and blue?) we chose to match the wash of the vest’s denim. The red bottoms we picked because we’re of the firm belief that one of the places Louboutins belong is where you’d least expect them.


Vest: Top: Brandy Melville

Shorts: Topshop

Sunglasses: Vintage

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Erica Fagin, Fashionista San Francisco Contributor

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