Candle Spas and Fashionista San Francisco Partners To Offer Free Treatments


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Dear Fashionistas,

This month we partnered with Candle Spas a new subscription spa service arriving in San Francisco, to offer free treatments to our readers! And this week, we got to try it out ourselves.


We think that the Bay Area thrives on finding niches of inconvenience, however small, and completely streamlining them. The time or effort saved can be marginal, but sometimes that’s all it takes. If you have a good idea, and you can make peoples’ lives better even a tiny bit, there’s a place for you here. It’s one of the things that makes the startup culture we’re known for so crazy.


This is also why we think Candle is brilliant – it’s streamlining the spa process while simultaneously allowing for more options. When we tried it out, everything was painless; from registration to booking our treatment, it happened quickly and efficiently. Our Fashionista San Francisco Contributor Erica easily found a spa down the street from her office (out of the twenty-two currently partnered with Candle in the Bay Area), and even when she had to last-minute reschedule, they were able to fit her in at her next available convenience.


She went to Armstrong Chiropractic in the Financial District and had a 60-minute massage with Matt Vickers . By her own admission, Erica is by no means a massage connoisseur and doesn’t get a lot of the technicalities, equating her understanding to wine “yeah, it makes me feel good, but start talking to me about anything beyond ‘this is an alcoholic beverage made from grapes’ and I’m lost.” So she went in keeping her requests simple: back, arms, and neck (“I like reds more than whites”) and this much pressure (“something better than Franzia”) deciding that if she felt better afterwards, it would be a success.


Consider us impressed! Matt did a fantastic job. He found points that needed work and really went to town, even going back at the end to re-visit particularly tense areas at the end. It’s pretty surprising just how much pressure you can apply to a human body, but we’re definitely not complaining. Erica left feeling pleasantly comfy and gelatinous, ready to go home and take a long, luxurious nap.


We say Candle is really on to something, and it’s not to late for you to claim your free treatment!. From signing up to booking our appointment to the treatment itself, we couldn’t be more pleased with what Candle has to offer. We wish them the best of luck in San Francisco!

Fashionista San Francisco Contributor,

Erica Fagin

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