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Fashion Incubator San Francisco





OUTFIT_4_0145 OUTFIT_6_0345 OUTFIT_9_0497 OUTFIT_12_0607

photos courtesy of David Martinez


Dear Fashionistas,

There’s something incredible happening on the 7th floor of the Macy’s in Union Square.

You wouldn’t know it from the nondescript side entrance, but after several flights of stairs and a couple elevators behind the scenes of the department store, you arrive at the home of Fashion Incubator San Francisco.

Every year, six up-and-coming designers are selected to participate in the Incubator’s program. It functions as a resource to help them test new concepts, fine-tune their ideas, meet professionals in the field, and learn about the legal, accounting, and marketing side of fashion. After a year, the designers have produced two collections and are fully equipped with a business plan for their label.

The space is tailored with that mission in mind: glass-walled offices, a merchandising/showroom for buyers, and a huge workroom are at the designers’ disposal. Fashionista San Francisco got a chance to stop by and talk to three of their designers in residence, and we’d like to introduce them and their work to you!

Sarah Liller

A few years ago, Sarah asked herself: If I could be doing anything in the world, what would it be? And the answer she landed upon was designing clothes. So she moved to New York to attended Parsons, then returned to California to start her own line. She began selling her clothes at Loft1513, a co-op in Noe Valley. Shortly after, she found her way to the incubator, where she’s crafting a contemporary women’s line for the modern-day San Francisco heroine.

Her clothing is impeccably crafted with an intense focus on versatility — her client is always on the go, dressing first for demanding workday, then going out for dinner and drinks, perhaps even a brunch the following morning. Sarah’s designs can translate to all these different aspects of a busy lifestyle, dressing up and down for all occasions. The two color schemes provide both edgy and lighter options depending on your personal style (not to mention an easy transition from day to evening!), and the silhouettes evoke a sense of professionalism while remaining fun. The versatility also extends to all body shapes: dresses can be belted high on the waist or worn loose, patterns and pleats can be overlaid to make you look your best.

It’s no surprise that the young Bay Area businesswomen are drawn to Sarah’s clothes. Back when she asked herself what she would do if it could be anything in the world, she was in graduate school for biochemistry. Sarah says that while her degree has been helpful in engaging both sides of her brain here at the incubator, the biochemistry doesn’t literally come through in the designs. Rather, it helps her to truly understand the type of woman she’s designing for; and in turn, like-minded women are drawn to her clothing.
When asked about fashion’s place in San Francisco and why she returned after studying in New York, Sarah said that here she’s been able to find her voice: “You can be whatever you want in San Francisco,” she explains, “people are just so open and so free, and it has offered me the freedom to really be myself as a designer.”

We couldn’t agree more with Sarah.  For more information on Sarah and other designers at the incubator, click here.


Ta Ta,

Erica Fagin-Fashionista San Francisco Contributor


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Meet Erica Fagin, Fashionista San Francisco’s Newest “It” Girl

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Meet Erica:


Unlike other women in her position, Erica wasn’t the girl who grew up with pages from Vogue taped to her wall and an inherent feel for what to wear every day. As a matter of fact, she didn’t get into this game until much later than most, when she started modeling for a couple of her college friends. Erica’s interest in how they constructed and styled clothes rapidly became an interest in the entire world of fashion. And now that she’s started truly exploring that world, she honestly can’t imagine what took her so long to get there.


Erica spent her childhood in Colorado, where she learned to snowboard. She attended school in Chicago, where she learned to speak Norwegian. And she moved to San Francisco in April 2013, where she now works as a cartographer.


Just as she’s only recently taken a foray into the world of fashion, her journey into the City by the Bay is also just beginning. She’s excited to share her discoveries with you on Fashionista San Francisco!



This past weekend we took a trip to the East Bay. Walking down the quaint streets of Walnut Creek, we stopped in at Brandy Melville, mostly because we wanted to test the truth behind “One size fits all”. We were a little skeptical, and went in thinking that “one size fits all” would mean “one size fits waifish, slim, 5’ 8” beach blondes”.


However, we at Fashionista San Francisco are excited to report that all the clothes we tried out worked great! The brand’s style is very casual, loose, and not too tailored (very fitting for it’s whole laid-back, west coast look), so they flatter wider range of body types than you’d expect. There also seemed to be a very specific color palette and range of silhouettes, which meant it was easy to mix and match different items. And while most people we saw in the store were waifish, slim, 5’ 8” beach blondes; the curvier, shorter, darker-haired among us (like Erica) were doing just fine.


The verdict: For a brand that takes a risk by attaching itself to a “one size fits all” moniker, Brandy Melville manages to pull off a wide range of fashionable, trendy looks.

As proof, here one outfit of those looks, inspired by their casual attitude with our own amped up twist: We started with the stars and stripes tank top, and selected the more structured denim vest to layer on top. The cut-offs (because what’s more American than daisy dukes with the red white and blue?) we chose to match the wash of the vest’s denim. The red bottoms we picked because we’re of the firm belief that one of the places Louboutins belong is where you’d least expect them.


Vest: Top: Brandy Melville

Shorts: Topshop

Sunglasses: Vintage

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Erica Fagin, Fashionista San Francisco Contributor

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San Francisco Band Date Nite Goes Space Glam This Saturday At Monarch

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YouTube Preview Image


Dear Fashionistas,

Get excited for our first music feature on Fashionista San Francisco (and first video)! Normally we haven’t covered music but when we are introduced to something that is filmed on the streets (and apartments) of SF AND has well styled ladies & gents in it well we have no choice but to share. “In The Light” is the first video off Date Nite‘s new album and we are blogging to it on repeat today! Date Nite plays their dance pop hits this Saturday June 22nd at  Soma hot spot Monarch (6th & Mission) so watch the video, get inspired, and wear your most stylish space glam outfit to check out the show. Here’s a little bio ripped right from their site:

Date Nite’s formation came to fruition when three like-minded spirits, Jason, Annie and Candy converged during an annual NASA Jet Propulsion conference on ‘Robotic Exploration of the Solar System.’ Realizing they had a shared love for science and beats, they assembled a musical collective dedicated to dynamic ass shaking. Calling San Francisco their home and nirvana their vacation home, they call upon their scifi-paganistic background for inspiration. Date Nite is a convergence of art, music and boot knocking. In their spare time, the team concocts various recipes and libations; most notably their drink called “Moonmilk” (moonshine and Milk of Magnesia).

You love them already…

xoxo Kris

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5 Items Every Fashionista Needs For The Perfect Beach Vacation

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BW_Bead_elevated_1024x1024Dear Fashionistas,

Fashionista San Francisco is jetting to Aruba in a week and we are all about one thing…Beach GLAM!!! That means a few key pieces: a monokini,  a maxi dress, chunky statement jewelry as always, sick sunglasses, and your ultimate beach vacation accessory….killer sandals (we aren’t and never will get with the “heels on the beach” thing). You can’t get more sexy and stylish than this combination. Yes itsy bitsy teenie weenie bikinis are still fab (we all have a million, right?) but do yourself a favor and just try on a monokini and you’ll know what we mean. We’re not talking your moms dated one piece from the 80’s…we’re talking about super sexy cut outs, criss cross straps, and still showing tons of skin but in a new way. Somehow having your back still exposed like you are in a true bikini but having your front slightly covered up makes you feel like you’ve got a secret to tell. Call it the swimwear mullet if you will…business up front, party in the back (and all gorgeous)! San Francisco based swimwear designer SAGA swimwear makes this hot hot hot version called The Narita that we can’t decide if we want in black or white so we’re just getting both. Union Street shop Canyon Beachwear has this gorgeous turquoise Melissa Obadash Safiah cover up that makes us want to book a trip to Morocco. That necklace is to die for too! Glam isn’t glam without killer shoes so we’re packing our Loeffler Randall Starla plank sandals and our Giuseppe Zanotti tribal cuff and fish skeleton gladiator sandals. The fish teeth kill us!!!!! Love them. Topping it all off and keeping with the black & white trend of the season is San Francisco’s own Westward Leaning shades. The No 5.2 Love The Neighbor style benefits the non-profit Love The Neighbor Mexico and features beading inspired by Mexican artisans. We think we’re ready for a margarita….

xoxo Kris


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San Francisco’s Most Stylish Interchangeable Watch Brand~Modify Watches

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kxIMG_7500hIMG_7651Behind the scenes shots on location; my new rose gold face with crimson and black straps; a few of the Modify strap choices; Ayo and Aaron doing a Superman dive…why not?; left to right Antonio, Aaron, Ayo and Ashil


Dear Fashionistas,

We were invited to spend the day at the Modify Watches “Fashionista/Summer Campaign” photo shoot this weekend and couldn’t have been more stoked to participate. We featured them in a post here during the World Series last year and thought we knew everything we needed to know about Modify. They’re a San Francisco based company that makes watches with interchangeable faces and straps. Easy enough, right? Wrong. The day went something like this…

We showed up bright and early to an outdoor location in downtown SF. A little “misty” out (no shock here) but everyone was in warm spirits and ready to get this photo shoot underway. Super photog Antonio De Lucci and his crew were ready to roll. Our gorgeous model Kaitlyn arrived with hair & makeup (Tricia had her work cut out for her with the rain), and Liddy & Lauren from our favorite shop Hangr 16 were there to do the styling. The shoot got going and we were loving the concept of mixing these super fun, bright, eclectic watches with Vuitton heels and an Hermes Clutch. As we’re talking to the Creative Director for the company we’re starting to understand his motto for Modify ~ Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime. We’re wearing our staple oversized gold watch that we thought was the only thing that went with our blush pink Prada and starting to feel a tinge of jealousy seeing everyone in these sweet combinations ~ but we keep it to ourselves for now…

We did several sartorial shots in and around the alleyways (can’t wait to see them hit the press!) and headed back to Modify Headquarters in SOMA for wardrobe change and to pick up more models. Here’s where the magic started unfolding for us. We start to get it. Modify Watches is a company that sells watches. Really sweet watches that we are now fully obsessed with owning all of and getting everyone we know into. The beauty of Modify Watches isn’t just the really cool color combinations (camo face, glitter face and clear strap coming to a store near you soon!) but the fact that Modify is a lifestyle. We love the term so we’ll say it….it’s a movement. The small team behind Modify all have one thing in common ~ they want to build and be part of a community of people that are involved in something. After spending 15 hours with Ashil (Creative Director), Ayo (VP of Marketing),  Aaron (Co-Founder), and Michael (Marketing) we got the feeling that “that something” mainly requires having fun. They call their community the ModiFamily and it’s a worldwide network of peeps that not only rock their Mod’s everywhere but also design and vote on which designs are going to be produced. During March they did a “March MODness” Sweet 16 bracket where facebook fans voted on their fave watch faces and whittled it down to the final 4 this past Friday. We can’t wait to see which one gets made! In essence the ModiFamily controls what the company does and this will carry on far after the company moves from watches into other interchangeable goods (fingers crossed that more products are to come!).

We continued the shoot with the rest of the amazing models Lizzie, Jackie, Vince, Oscar (he rocked our favorite combo of the day- purple button up, purple bow tie, beanie and purple watch) and Modify’s own Michael Vlamis (who I didn’t find out until the END of the night was just on this episode of New Girl…What?! Tell us everything about Zooey!) and wrapped it up with a pool scene showcasing that the watches are water-resistant. Yes, Aaron ended up in the pool and this seems to be the only way he would have wanted to end the day. It was super clear that there HAD to be a spontaneous element happening in order for it to be true to the brand that is Modify and we love them for it.

As we wrapped up at ModiHQ they graciously let us pick some swag to rock (thankfully because at this point the desire to be part of the family was way too much. The gold watch came off and the Mod was on before we stepped out the door to grab a cocktail at the neighborhood bar). It became even more obvious with how long everyone took to find their perfect combinations just how awesome this whole mix and match concept really is. The possibilities are endless and the good news is the watch faces($25-$30) and straps($15-$20) are super affordable so you can buy enough options to have a “classic look”, and then 47 fun bright ones that pop. We ended up with the rose gold face and the crimson and black straps to keep it classy (check them out with the Prada and Marc Jacobs above) but know that our next purchase is one of the neons to spice things up. Side note – they come in mini (the one we got) and classic sizes.

All in all what we took away from getting to spend the day with the Modify guys is this:

  • We want to be and now are part of the #ModiFamily. We could have snapped some pics and called it a day but we just. couldn’t. leave. and that’s a rare vibe to find
  • Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime. From grandparents to kids, athletes to cubicle folk, fashionistas to dogs (yes….dogs are part of the family too) everyone fits the lifestyle that is Modify
  • They actually care. Each order comes with a hand written note that starts your Mod relationship
  • They have a pretty awesome facebook and twitter thing going
  • These guys don’t take themselves too seriously (check out their website to see their favorite SNL skits and photos of them when they were kids) but they all clearly get what it means to love what you do, surround yourself with like minded people, and feel good about doing a really great job. And they’re on to something.

xoxo Kris


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Wear Green This St Patrick’s Day With Melissa Joy Manning

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Dear Fashionistas,

Okay, wear green. But don’t think just because it’s a fun beer drinking holiday you have to dress in a head to toe green sweatsuit. Switch it up and wear green in your accessories instead! We think these Malachite slice drop earrings from Berkeley jewelry designer Melissa Joy Manning would be the perfect lucky charm with a white & black ensemble, no? A super cute messy knot for you hair topped off with a bright pink lip will keep it cool and effortless and show these beauties off perfectly. While you’re scooping these up check out her capsule collection for Lucky Brand….LOVE!

xoxo Kris


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An Interview with Chuck Kazemi of Make Your Momentum

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16012_209761725825919_1363027592_nmym tee


Here at Fashionista San Francisco we’re always looking for the next great thing to introduce our readers to and we are super stoked when we find something that makes us feel good and look good. We can remember specifically when Toms shoes first came out (and then shades) and how awesome it was to see someone being successful AND making a difference in the world. Make Your Momentum is just that type of movement. Currently producing tees, hoodies, and hats the concept is all about Desire + Drive and how every person can “make their own momentum” and push their lives forward. We’re huge fans of their quirky tweets for some daily motivation (our fave~ “Sometimes the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. Don’t let that bitter batch contaminate the fruits of your labor, stay juicin!”).  All shirts are made on American Apparel gear and even better is that a portion of each sale goes to a local non-profit Note-Able Music Therapy Services. We had to find out exactly what started this clothing revolution so we sat down with Chuck Kazemi, creator of the lifestyle brand Make Your Momentum, for a little chat.

Hey Chuck,

Let’s start off with the whole purpose behind MYM. We find it to be a hugely motivating company based on creating your own destiny and the power of positivity. We especially love following your tweets @MakeMomentum! At what point did you decide to Make Your Momentum? 

Sometimes people need a reminder to be great, break a bad habit or to be inspired.  We created Make Your Momentum for folks to rekindle the inner-greatness that’s already inside all of us because maybe we forget how special we are, maybe we forget to fight for the things we love and strive simply for the sake of striving.  MYM is intended to mentally push you, keeping your Desire + Drive close to mind and heart influencing self-awareness.  To be honest, and it’s somewhat embarrassing to disclose, but my momentum was inspired during a breakup and the fallout of losing love.  MYM was not only the light to help me get through that dark time, but also a lifestyle attitude that consumed me, which I’ve now made my reality. I’m not saying that MYM was conceived at this point; rather my motivation from being at my lowest is what gave me the strength to pursue what I loved.  Tweeting is very interesting, I still don’t get it but those tweets are daily messages I write to myself to keep me out of my funk, its encouragement for me to face my adversities with a clear mind and an open heart.


MYM gives back to the community and generously supports local non-profits. How do you decide which organizations to support and are there any new collaborations coming soon? 

I knew from the start that MYM was going to be associated with a non-profit, keeping our message close to home and supporting those who make great impacts locally. I found a list of local non-profits in town and called the first one… I spoke with a corporate non-profit and found the gal only to be interested in my money, not my cause with greater concerns about ‘branding’ than anything else. I wasn’t interested in supporting a cause that wouldn’t acknowledge my efforts to help support theirs, so I continued on with my list.  I found Note-Able Music Therapy Services which provides inclusive music programs and music therapy services for children and adults of all ages and abilities.  I’m a musician, I love kids, and I’d love to locally support folks with disabilities through the power of music therapy. I was sold and they had my heart on the spot so I made my 2nd and final phone call and pledged my commitment. We do plan on working with more non-profits in the near future and have a fun new business opportunity to get more involved. There’s definitely more to come on that.


MYM is made using American Apparel gear. Is “Made in America” a big message for MYM? 

Made in America is the only way to be. We spend a little bit more on our shirts to support our folks right here in our country. When you’re a new business owner you’re really looking for ways to save cost and drive profits, but you won’t find MYM on anything other than American-made, top of the line apparel.


You’ve gained a huge following in Northern Nevada and are in tons of stores out there…any plans to branch out to Bay Area shops? You know Sf loves to support a good cause! 

Without a question of a doubt. We live our message and aspire to get some minds moving in a positive direction. We appeal to the masses and don’t quite fit in the cookie-cutter parameters of a demographics’ standard. We’re kinda like the last kid picked in elementary school basketball… we’ll have and support anyone who will have and support us!


What does the future hold for MYM? Any new styles on the horizon, events or partnerships we should be looking out for

We’re doing some fun new designs in men’s and women’s apparel and will be releasing a children’s line very soon!  We’ve also reached out to some friends and are supporting youth wrestling locally and professional mixed martial arts.  MYM is really trying to be a part of the things that we love and continue to look for new platforms to build from.


Alright last question…we like to ask all of our guests what spots they like to hit up in the Bay Area. Any favorite bars, restaurants or stores when you come to town? 

What’s funny is I was actually born at UCSF, lived in the Bay Area for 8 years but am clueless to ‘what’s hot’!  When I take the trip from Reno to the SFBay I hit up Ikeda’s, IKEA, Nation’s, Giants/49ers…and not necessarily in that order.

Thanks Chuck!

Make Your Momentum can be found in shops in the Reno area (fingers crossed they’ll be in SF soon!) so for now go on and buy it here and don’t forget to follow them on fb and twitter! Do something today to Make Your Momentum!

xoxo Kris



Blackbird Underpinnings Benefit Party~This Sunday at Bar Three Fifty-Five

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BB Benefit Flyerbbu

Dear Fashionistas,

We are sticking with the lingerie theme this week and bringing you an event that is really going to heat things up. Founded just last year by Marin Camille and Julia Zolinsky, Blackbird Underpinnings is a Bay Area-based company that brings you high-quality, locally-made intimate apparel and lounge wear. These vintage-inspired pieces commemorate the expressive and liberated women of the 20’s and 30’s—women who won the vote, cropped their hair, literally wore the pants, and dared to declare their independence to a society that would have had it otherwise. What could be more patriotic than showing support for that this President’s Day Weekend??!

Blackbird Underpinnings will launch its first collection in summer 2013 (ahem, can anyone say Great Gatsby premiere ideas?) selling exclusively online and at special pop-up events. This weekend they are holding a Benefit Party at Bar Three Fifty-Five in Oakland (walking distance form the 19th St Bart station for all you SF’ers) to help get things off the ground.  A benefit party for knickers… now that’s a cause we’ll support! What better way to celebrate all things President’s Day than a DJ spinning vintage vinyl, delicious prohibition-era cocktails, and a special boudouir-themed surprise?

Get over to Oakland and get familiar with these lovely ladies and when Summer hits you will have just the pieces for all those Gatsby parties you’ll be roaring at…

xoxo Kris


Get Foxy For Valentine’s Day With Our Salty Fox Jewelry Giveaway

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salty foxvalentinaadeline




You all know our love of local and our favorite new find is Salty Fox Jewelry. Handmade in San Francisco by designer Megan Stacy Salty Fox strikes that perfect balance we all seek of edgy and dainty. We sat down for a chat with this super talented local designer and were lucky enough to score not one but two of her amazing pieces! It was almost impossible to settle because we LOVED her Dalva ring set and the whimsy of her fish bone inspired Isadora earrings but we think we ended up with the perfect matching but mismatched cuff and necklace. LOVE!!!!!! Enjoy getting to know Ms. Salty Fox herself and after the interview enter our giveaway to win the Adeline Bracelet ($120) and Valentina bracelet ($98) (how appropriate for this time of year!) And don’t worry, we’ll be drawing Monday Feb 4th so you’ll get these beauties in plenty of time to craft an outfit to style them with for your hot Valentine’s date…whether that’s a night on the town with your ladies or your special someone. Good luck!

Megan, thanks for taking time to sit down with Fashionista San Francisco. Our readers love to know the person behind their pieces so let’s get started!

What inspired you to make the jump from clothing design to jewelry design?
I’ve always loved working with my hands so I started taking metalsmithing classes for fun a few years ago…it immediately felt more natural and inspiring for me to use those materials. I love the grittiness of metal work, and how the outcome is something delicate and lovely.
Where do you create your unique creations?
I make a lot of pieces in my apartment in the Mission, and when I need to solder or use solid equipment I rent time at the metalsmithing studio where I originally took classes – it’s fantastic!
Being that SF has so many iconic areas, do you pull any of your inspiration from your Bay area surroundings? If not what inspires you most when you’re working on new collections?
I do love geometric combinations so a lot of architecture is quite inspiring… I’m also inspired by the eclectic style of the ladies of San Francisco, I love seeing a bold statement piece or someone having fun with fashion. When it really comes down to it I always want to make pieces that I want to wear and hope that others will feel the same! We do!!!
As a jewelry designer you have access to everything…What is one piece of jewelry that you never leave home without?
I’m always wearing different pieces but I typically rotate between an awesome rectangular gold filigree ring that my mom gave me or the Dalva ring set from the Odessa Collection.
What’s next for Salty Fox? Any new projects on the horizon?
Right now I’m gearing up to start the next collection! Very exciting…
We have to know…what Bay Area boutiques can we find Salty Fox in?
Salty Fox can be found at Eden & Eden, Curator, Nida, The Blues Jean Bar, Wonderland SF and Needles and Pens.
And of course a must know for all our Fashionistas~what SF shops are a must hit for you on a day off?
I love Reliquary and Nida in Hayes Valley, and perusing the finds at Painted Bird is always fun- there’s sure to be an interesting piece to suit your fancy

Thank you Megan! What a pleasure getting to know you and Salty Fox Jewelry!!!

xoxo Kris


To enter the giveaway:

The drawing will be Monday Feb 4th at 6pm PST. Good luck Fashionistas!!!



Fix Your Winter Skin With Our GIVEAWAY From elizabeth W!

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Dear Fashionistas,

We told you the amazing story behind the ultra luxurious San Francisco made elizabeth W products here. Now it’s time for one lucky reader to win our favorite product~ the Shea Butter Body Cream! We’ve picked it in the Citrus Verbena scent because who doesn’t need a little pick me up in these dreary Winter months?!  These citrus notes hit just the right spot. Rich, thick and intensely hydrating, this indulgent vegetable-based Body Cream is paraben and phytalate free.  Super-absorbent, they leave skin feeling silky, supple, and smooth.  Perfect for nourishing the hands or body, each Body Cream contains vital nutrients and vitamins including Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Sea Algae Extract, and Sweet Almond Oil. Your skin will be saying ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…….

It couldn’t be easier to enter:

  • enter your email on the right side of Fashionista San Francisco‘s home page to subscribe to our blog!
  • like us on Facebook
  • like elizabeth W on Facebook
  • comment on this post and let us know what your winter beauty rituals are…how do you get yourself ready for Spring?!
  • bonus entry if you follow us on twitter @FashSanFran!!


The drawing will be Tuesday night 9pm San Francisco time so get your comments in quick…GOOD LUCK!!!

xoxo kris



GORGEOUS Locally Crafted Bath & Body Goods By elizabeth W

POSTED ON : January 10, 2013 | Posted in FSF Home, San Francisco Designers, SF Designers, Shopping

Dear Fashionistas,

Our favorite thing at Fashionista San Francisco is finding new items to take care of ourselves with, especially in the New Year! There is nothing better than spending your time lazily browsing around a shop sniffing all of the different scents (a few times) only to settle on one that is oh so uniquely you. It gets wrapped up in a pretty bag, you take it home, and every time you are getting ready and you reach for it’s beautiful packaging up on your dressing table (insert hand cream, lip balm, perfume here) you feel like you are finally taking that moment out for yourself. It’s one of our favorite rituals and we have found just this experience in elizabeth W ~ the ultimate combination of impeccable craftsmanship and buying local. From perfumes and candles, to lotions, creams, and bath salts their boutique is brimming with goodies.

You can find elizabeth W in chic stores (Anthropologie, Neiman’s, Saks, Nordstroms, Harrods in London) and luxury hotels (Ritz-Carlton, Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons, St. Regis) on 5 continents but our fave place to find it is at their flagship boutique here in Ghirardelli Square! All of the products are hand made right here in Russian Hill where the artisans live near by and walk to work. If that doesn’t paint a quaint enough picture to make you run down and support them imagine this…all of their packaging is made in house on a vintage letter press! To die for!

In all seriousness we haven’t come across a company like this ever and think that it’s important that we take note. Not only are the products ultra luxurious but this is the ultimate in buying local. The backstory is just as enchanting…

Formerly an architect, Albert Nichols named his San Francisco perfumery after Elizabeth Wightman, his great-grandmother who founded a ranch in the Sierra Nevadas in the 1800s.  He says his strongest memories are the scents of summer as a kid on Elizabeth’s ranch. Violets, roses, lilacs, and magnolias surrounded the house, while inside, the kitchen was filled with freshly picked lavender, rosemary, and sage. Fragrance enveloped him and became his fascination. Before launching into the rarefied air of the perfume world, he was an architect. In 1995, he devoted himself to his true passion and created a perfumery and we are all soooo thankful. His business partner Michael Lindsay is from London, with a long and cherished family history in textile and fashion design. Together they bring us these beautiful products.

Our pick of the litter is the Citrus Verbena Shea Butter Body Cream. Head on down to Ghirardelli Square, get a sundae, and then treat yourself to something elizabeth W. Stay tuned later this week ….there may just be a special giveaway!

xoxo Kris


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12 Days of Cocktails & Cashmere-Day 9

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Dear Fashionistas,

Williams Sonoma is based out of beautiful San Francisco (right here by Fishermans Wharf!) and there’s no better way to get in the Holiday spirit that a trip into one of their stores. We are obsessed with the Union Square Flagship and could get lost roaming around in there for days. When Fall hits we love to pop in and let the smell of Mulled Apple Cider confirm that the seasons have officially changed, but when Winter comes around it’s all about the Peppermint Hot Chocolate. This red and white striped can has been in our Christmas stocking for almost 10 years now and it makes the richest cup of chocolate bliss ever. It’s actual chocolate shavings infused with peppermint oil that you stir into a pot of steaming milk until it melts…Yum!!! You will never open a packet of powdered stuff again! Of course when we are sipping our toasty mug we need to be snuggled under an ultra cozy Cashmere Throw and Williams Sonoma has a great offering for that as well. Head on in and get inspired…

xoxo Kris

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12 Days of Cocktails & Cashmere-Day 7

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Dear Fashionistas,

Seedstore, our favorite Inner Richmond boutique, now has an online shop!!! Fashionista San Francisco couldn’t be more excited for them to be able to share their rad inventory with even more people. So tell your friends, ask for stuff for christmas, spread the word, but whatever you do still make it into this place to get the best customer service around. We ALWAYS (seriously) leave with something because we end up striking up a convo, hanging out and trying everything on…..which is just the kind of shopping experience all of us Fashionistas should be treated to. We have this Cashmere Cocoon Sweater in grey and wear it about 6 out of 7 days a week. We switch it up with either a gold sequin collared shirt underneath and light denim or a super chunky turquoise necklace, long graphic scarf and tights. Whichever way you wear it it’s the perfect sweater to look super stylish while being super comfortable. Since we’re being comfortable let’s talk about beer. Pliny the Elder from Russian River Brewing Company is a cult hit and it’s the perfect holiday beer. It’s a Double IPA and we love it for it’s well-balanced malt, hops, and alcohol. It’s slightly bitter (yum!) with a fresh hop aroma of floral, citrus, and pine. Since we’re so close to Santa Rosa where the brewery is we are lucky enough to get this limited supply beer at some of our craft beer bars. I’d try Toronado, City Beer Store or The Monk’s Kettle. Good luck!!!

xoxo Kris

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12 Days of Cocktails & Cashmere-Day 4

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Dear Fashionistas,

Marin based Restoration Hardware is one of our favorite places to shop for super luxe home furnishings. We love their Cashmere Hot Water Bottle holder and this year they have come out with a mini hand warmer version that it too cute for words. I’m not sure how often we would actually use the big one (sick in bed?) but those little babies would come in handy (…get it?) during a ski weekend or tailgate party!  They’re on sale for $10 so pick up a few of these as gifts for your besties! Since we’re taking a trip over the Golden Gate Bridge to hit up Restoration we thought we’d keep on going and head into wine country for a little vino to share with those same friends. We always stop in at Wilson Winery for great Zinfandels, Papapietro Perry for ah-mazing Pinot Noirs (Pigs & Pinot Cup Winners!!) and Martinelli for our fave Syrah.

What’s you go-to wine country destination? Comment above and let us know!

xox Kris


12 Days Of Cocktails & Cashmere-Day 1

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Dear Fashionistas,

We couldn’t be more excited that our favorite month is here! December is FULL of so much joy and sparkle and regardless of if you live in the snow, sun, or sand everyone wants to feel that cozy holiday spirit. At Fashionista San Francisco cozy equals two things….cashmere and the cocktails that you want to be drinking while wrapped in it’s warmth. We are super excited to bring you our 12 Days of Cocktails & Cashmere….a daily dose of an amazing cashmere find and a cocktail that sums up your style when you’re wearing that particular piece. We’re kicking it off with the luxe of luxe cashmere house TSE which has a brick & mortar right here in SF on designer central Maiden Lane. When you head over to Union Square this month to check out the giant Christmas tree and take a spin on the pop up ice skating rink strut over and check out these gorgeous Wide Leg Cashmere Pants! Yes the pants are 100% cashmere, have the cutest pleats in front, and they also come in winter white… how chic and cozy are they?! We absolutely love how they styled it with the pop of furry aqua….festive festive festive! We’re pretty sure this girl is classing it up with a holiday martini….perhaps a bubbly pomtini? Shake 1 oz top shelf silver tequila with 2 oz pomegranate liquor and ice, strain it into your favorite martini glass and top it with 1 oz champagne and pomegranate seeds to garnish…now that’s what we call Chic Cuisine.

Check back every day to see what other Cocktail & Cashmere pairings we’ll have for you…

xoxo Kris


Something for the Boys-from Carlina of Allergic to Vanilla

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 Dear Fashionistas,

Fashionista San Francisco is so stoked to have our first ever guest post and it’s with none other than Carlina of Sf based blog Allergic to Vanilla.  Her ultra chic style is something that all Fashionista followers will die over so make sure you check out her blog and let her know what you think about her ah-mazing outfits!!! Enjoy!

xoxo kris


I did a little research -and by research I mean asking my bf- on men’s fashion. Turns out even if they don’t give the utmost importance to their wardrobe all the time, doesn’t mean they don’t want to dress like it. Maybe they don’t have the impeccable style you do- no one can don stripes and polka dots like you after all,  perhaps they just need some guidance. Well dear, girlfriend, sister, brother, mother or significant other, lets hook him up this year with not only some fab duds but the extreme confidence he’ll gain as one of the only men in his inner circle to master the art of layering.
First we start with a basic cotton thermal– something in a neutral shade, perhaps olive or charcoal, if you live in a warmer climate a logo-less tee will also work. Then lets get fancy with something he definitely won’t buy for himself, but a gift he’d love to open- the sweater. But not just any sweater, dear dolls, something Karl Lagerfeld’s Parisian born godson would actually be caught dead in- if KL actually had a Parisian born godson. Like a turtleneck, a hooded button up pullover or a classic crew-neck– holla! Now I’m such a fan of obnoxiously loud prints, colors and cuts, but a man, well he’s a bit more practical and loves his comfort. But no one can deny the allure of the colored khaki. Yikes, did she just say colored khaki?! Yes folks, with the right slim-ish cut, and in a muted shade like these berry trousers, he’ll be begging to throw away those ratty jeans from the animal house days of yesteryear. Next up the topper- a tweed blazer cut so sweet, you’ll wish it was made in your size.
Now let’s recap. We got the top portion covered, those exceptional pants, now lets accessorize! Don’t get it twisted- accessories aren’t just for the ladies, now I’m not talking about man purses, but something more practical- gloves, hats, scarves, even the laces on his broken in Italian leather boots can be styled just so. Now throw these all together and watch your man turn into a walking ad for Dolce & Gabbana. Do hop on over to www.AllergicToVanilla.com and let me know how it goes!
xo Carlina

Black Friday Deals From Our Beloved San Francisco Boutiques

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Dear Fashionistas,

Look no further for the best deals from our fave local shops Hangr 16, Covet, BellJar, and of course Seedstore. Don’t forget to tell them Fashionista San Francisco sent you!

Happy Shopping,

xoxo kris


San Francisco Giants Playoff Watches by Modify

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Dear Fashionistas,

We all know that the Giants are going to crush Game 7 tonight and be heading to the World Series (yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!) so Fashionista San Francisco wants you and your man to be ready. SF based Modify watches has come out with a collection of interchangeable bands and players faces so you can support all our boys throughout the series. Look at Posey giving the stare down! Serious business. Individual watches are only $45 (!) or grab the entire set for $135.

Let’s go Giants!!

xoxo Kris


White Balance at Hangr16

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Dear Fashionistas,

Here at Fashionista San Francisco we’ve been obsessed with variations of the classic white shirt as of late and our fave Mission shop Hangr16 is the place we get our fix. There’s nothing more chic than white and with all the unexpected details in these pieces they are nowhere near your basic white tee. We love the whole styling of the first outfit with the New Morning Skirt (Geo Print)…perfection! The surprise star pattern on the Shooting Star Top in the 2nd and 3rd pic will leave them staring as you walk away and the rich lady-like draping on the Comet Blouse is perfect to mix with tough leather leggings and strappy pointy toe pumps. When’s the best time to go snag these gems you ask? Friday the 26th they are having one of their amazing events, this one featuring the ultra talented artist Jennifer Wasson. Swing on by and get your fix of music, art, and of course SHOPPING!

xoxo Kris

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Pendleton Party Party Party

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Dear Fashionistas,

We love a good launch party and what better way to get ready for a San Francisco Fall than getting a few new cozy pieces from legendary blanket brand Pendleton?! Pendletons The Portland Collection is debuting it’s second season after a rockstar successful first season and they are doing it at none other than Inner Richmond’s hippest boutique Seedstore. This is hands down one of our fave boutiques for both mens and womenswear and the customer service is about as friendly as it gets! A little bit about the collection: the designers went into the archives from the late 1800’s early 1900’s to feature the square designs that the looms at that time could only make. We’re talking before any “fancy” angles could be spun. The outcome is the super geometric feel that you can see in some of the pieces above. Fashionista San Francisco was blown away by the color palette as well as the textures in this collection. It screams rich and cozy and at the same time is insanely fashion forward…have you checked out that jumpsuit?! We have to have it. The mens pieces are so classic and timeless that you have to bring your honey with you when you hit this event on Thursday night between 5-11. There will be drinks, gifts and first dibs so get there early!

xoxo Kris

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