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Elizabeth Street Cosmetics Gets Inspired by San Francisco Neighborhoods

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Dear Fashionistas,

In her non-Fashionista life, Erica’s job is to make maps of neighborhoods. So imagine her joy when she learned that Elizabeth Street Cosmetics line of lip glosses, lipsticks, and balms were all inspired by San Francisco neighborhoods.

The founder and entire creative force, Kelly Crispen, says walking inspires her. She frequently traverses all over of San Francisco, drawing ideas from the buildings, streets, and people along the way. Her first gloss came from her home neighborhood of Noe Valley, but now there are forty different glosses in her line (plus lipsticks and balms), each drawing from the character of a San Francisco neighborhood: Mission is a bold and classic red, Castro a dusty rose, Treat a warm plum.

Appropriate to this walking spirit, Elizabeth Street Cosmetics can be found all over the city. Kelly sells out of several stockists, which she stops in and visits regularly (usually on foot). In addition, Kelly hand-delivers throughout the city and sees clients by appointment, where she’ll help you pick the perfect lip color and apply her decades of makeup experience to your own supplies.

While speaking to Kelly, Erica confessed up front that her own lips are frequently unadorned – but you must understand that this is due to a lack of knowledge and not a lack of interest. Kelly thought for a moment, and then asked a few questions about Erica’s makeup preferences before opening her bag. From a vast plethora of gloss tubes she took out Balmy, explaining that if Erica wanted to play up her eyes (she was wearing only mascara and liner that day), the best bet was for something shimmery or nude. Nothing too distracting.

Balmy, as it turns out, is almost the exact color as Erica’s lips, only with a slight shimmer. As a test, Erica put it on before she went to work a couple days later. She found that it goes on thick and stays on: she only needed to re-apply a couple times. The color and shimmer were just the right combination of statement without overwhelming the rest of Erica’s makeup, exactly what she was looking for in a day-to-day gloss.

If you’d like to get your hands on Kelly’s glosses, lipsticks, and balms, here is a list of stores where you can find them. Colors are never discontinued, and the with a city as vibrant and varied as San Francisco, we can’t imagine Kelly running out of inspiration any time soon.

 Ta Ta,
Erica Fagin, Fashionista San Francisco Contributor
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San Francisco Fashion Incubator Designers

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Fashion Incubator San Francisco





OUTFIT_4_0145 OUTFIT_6_0345 OUTFIT_9_0497 OUTFIT_12_0607

photos courtesy of David Martinez


Dear Fashionistas,

There’s something incredible happening on the 7th floor of the Macy’s in Union Square.

You wouldn’t know it from the nondescript side entrance, but after several flights of stairs and a couple elevators behind the scenes of the department store, you arrive at the home of Fashion Incubator San Francisco.

Every year, six up-and-coming designers are selected to participate in the Incubator’s program. It functions as a resource to help them test new concepts, fine-tune their ideas, meet professionals in the field, and learn about the legal, accounting, and marketing side of fashion. After a year, the designers have produced two collections and are fully equipped with a business plan for their label.

The space is tailored with that mission in mind: glass-walled offices, a merchandising/showroom for buyers, and a huge workroom are at the designers’ disposal. Fashionista San Francisco got a chance to stop by and talk to three of their designers in residence, and we’d like to introduce them and their work to you!

Sarah Liller

A few years ago, Sarah asked herself: If I could be doing anything in the world, what would it be? And the answer she landed upon was designing clothes. So she moved to New York to attended Parsons, then returned to California to start her own line. She began selling her clothes at Loft1513, a co-op in Noe Valley. Shortly after, she found her way to the incubator, where she’s crafting a contemporary women’s line for the modern-day San Francisco heroine.

Her clothing is impeccably crafted with an intense focus on versatility — her client is always on the go, dressing first for demanding workday, then going out for dinner and drinks, perhaps even a brunch the following morning. Sarah’s designs can translate to all these different aspects of a busy lifestyle, dressing up and down for all occasions. The two color schemes provide both edgy and lighter options depending on your personal style (not to mention an easy transition from day to evening!), and the silhouettes evoke a sense of professionalism while remaining fun. The versatility also extends to all body shapes: dresses can be belted high on the waist or worn loose, patterns and pleats can be overlaid to make you look your best.

It’s no surprise that the young Bay Area businesswomen are drawn to Sarah’s clothes. Back when she asked herself what she would do if it could be anything in the world, she was in graduate school for biochemistry. Sarah says that while her degree has been helpful in engaging both sides of her brain here at the incubator, the biochemistry doesn’t literally come through in the designs. Rather, it helps her to truly understand the type of woman she’s designing for; and in turn, like-minded women are drawn to her clothing.
When asked about fashion’s place in San Francisco and why she returned after studying in New York, Sarah said that here she’s been able to find her voice: “You can be whatever you want in San Francisco,” she explains, “people are just so open and so free, and it has offered me the freedom to really be myself as a designer.”

We couldn’t agree more with Sarah.  For more information on Sarah and other designers at the incubator, click here.


Ta Ta,

Erica Fagin-Fashionista San Francisco Contributor


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Candle Spas and Fashionista San Francisco Partners To Offer Free Treatments

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Screen shot 2013-08-25 at 12.49.16 PM

Dear Fashionistas,

This month we partnered with Candle Spas a new subscription spa service arriving in San Francisco, to offer free treatments to our readers! And this week, we got to try it out ourselves.


We think that the Bay Area thrives on finding niches of inconvenience, however small, and completely streamlining them. The time or effort saved can be marginal, but sometimes that’s all it takes. If you have a good idea, and you can make peoples’ lives better even a tiny bit, there’s a place for you here. It’s one of the things that makes the startup culture we’re known for so crazy.


This is also why we think Candle is brilliant – it’s streamlining the spa process while simultaneously allowing for more options. When we tried it out, everything was painless; from registration to booking our treatment, it happened quickly and efficiently. Our Fashionista San Francisco Contributor Erica easily found a spa down the street from her office (out of the twenty-two currently partnered with Candle in the Bay Area), and even when she had to last-minute reschedule, they were able to fit her in at her next available convenience.


She went to Armstrong Chiropractic in the Financial District and had a 60-minute massage with Matt Vickers . By her own admission, Erica is by no means a massage connoisseur and doesn’t get a lot of the technicalities, equating her understanding to wine “yeah, it makes me feel good, but start talking to me about anything beyond ‘this is an alcoholic beverage made from grapes’ and I’m lost.” So she went in keeping her requests simple: back, arms, and neck (“I like reds more than whites”) and this much pressure (“something better than Franzia”) deciding that if she felt better afterwards, it would be a success.


Consider us impressed! Matt did a fantastic job. He found points that needed work and really went to town, even going back at the end to re-visit particularly tense areas at the end. It’s pretty surprising just how much pressure you can apply to a human body, but we’re definitely not complaining. Erica left feeling pleasantly comfy and gelatinous, ready to go home and take a long, luxurious nap.


We say Candle is really on to something, and it’s not to late for you to claim your free treatment!. From signing up to booking our appointment to the treatment itself, we couldn’t be more pleased with what Candle has to offer. We wish them the best of luck in San Francisco!

Fashionista San Francisco Contributor,

Erica Fagin

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The Levi’s® Brand Opens New Store on San Francisco’s Burgeoning Market Street

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Dear Fashionistas,
We are lovin’ some denim and we mean Levi’s®. Denim NEVER goes out of style and it only gets better. We are big fans of the iconic label and are excited to see they are moving to a bigger better location. The Levi’s® brand is moving its hometown store from Union Square to the intersection of Market & 4th Streets in San Francisco this August. The new location is situated on one of the city’s most trafficked shopping streets, attracting both local and international shoppers alike. Steeped in craftsmanship, the store brings to life the Levi’s brand heritage of quality made goods through honest material selection, quality construction, and a dedicated tailor shop. Imagine having a pair of Levi’s® jeans designed and made just for you.

Yes Please!  Nothing says comfort and style like a pair of shape flattering jeans made just for you!

We are also excited to see Artist Callobartions as well with Levi’s®. Starting with the collaboration of local artists Rex Ray and Ruby Ray, and leading into the fall, the San Francisco store will continue to partner with San Francisco icons and those just being discovered.  We love this idea!  Afterall we #SupportLocal and #ShopLocal.

So what are you waiting for?  Get in there San Francisco Fashionistas and get a pair of custom jeans created in time for fall.

Location: 815 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

Ta Ta,



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Meet Erica Fagin, Fashionista San Francisco’s Newest “It” Girl

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Meet Erica:


Unlike other women in her position, Erica wasn’t the girl who grew up with pages from Vogue taped to her wall and an inherent feel for what to wear every day. As a matter of fact, she didn’t get into this game until much later than most, when she started modeling for a couple of her college friends. Erica’s interest in how they constructed and styled clothes rapidly became an interest in the entire world of fashion. And now that she’s started truly exploring that world, she honestly can’t imagine what took her so long to get there.


Erica spent her childhood in Colorado, where she learned to snowboard. She attended school in Chicago, where she learned to speak Norwegian. And she moved to San Francisco in April 2013, where she now works as a cartographer.


Just as she’s only recently taken a foray into the world of fashion, her journey into the City by the Bay is also just beginning. She’s excited to share her discoveries with you on Fashionista San Francisco!



This past weekend we took a trip to the East Bay. Walking down the quaint streets of Walnut Creek, we stopped in at Brandy Melville, mostly because we wanted to test the truth behind “One size fits all”. We were a little skeptical, and went in thinking that “one size fits all” would mean “one size fits waifish, slim, 5’ 8” beach blondes”.


However, we at Fashionista San Francisco are excited to report that all the clothes we tried out worked great! The brand’s style is very casual, loose, and not too tailored (very fitting for it’s whole laid-back, west coast look), so they flatter wider range of body types than you’d expect. There also seemed to be a very specific color palette and range of silhouettes, which meant it was easy to mix and match different items. And while most people we saw in the store were waifish, slim, 5’ 8” beach blondes; the curvier, shorter, darker-haired among us (like Erica) were doing just fine.


The verdict: For a brand that takes a risk by attaching itself to a “one size fits all” moniker, Brandy Melville manages to pull off a wide range of fashionable, trendy looks.

As proof, here one outfit of those looks, inspired by their casual attitude with our own amped up twist: We started with the stars and stripes tank top, and selected the more structured denim vest to layer on top. The cut-offs (because what’s more American than daisy dukes with the red white and blue?) we chose to match the wash of the vest’s denim. The red bottoms we picked because we’re of the firm belief that one of the places Louboutins belong is where you’d least expect them.


Vest: Top: Brandy Melville

Shorts: Topshop

Sunglasses: Vintage

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Erica Fagin, Fashionista San Francisco Contributor

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San Francisco’s Chicest New Brasserie – Absinthe

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Absinthe2 Absinthe5







Dear Fashionistas,

And we’re back with Chic Cuisine! In the last couple of weeks I have been eating to hearts content in all the most fabulous restaurants in the city because (drumroll please…) it was mine and the boyfriends birthday celebrations!! And we definitely got our moneys worth of good food, good drinks and good times, beginning with Absinthe. This brasserie and bar has been on my list of “must go restaurants” since I have lived in the city, and for some crazy unknown reason this was my first time there…and people, it will not be my last.

In the celebratory spirit, we started with a bottle of prosecco, and lots of appetizers. We ordered the mixed olives (boyfriend and I are olive fanatics…more on that later), spicy fried chickpeas and oysters. Now, we are by no means oyster connoisseurs, so we asked for a recommendation, and the superb server recommended the kusshi oysters as they are more mild and not as briny as other varieties. They were amazing! They were flavorful, delicious, and a great recommendation and reintroduction to the world of oysters. For entrees, the boy ordered the coq au vin. For those unfamiliar, coq au vin is a French braise of chicken with burgundy wine, mushrooms, and garlic. This particular version also had bacon, root vegetables, was topped with a crostini which really elevated the flavors and took it to the next level. (The boy could barely look up long enough to give me a verdict beyond a caveman grunt, but that’s how we know it is good).

I ordered the potato crusted arctic char, with little gem lettuce salad, blue lake beans, radish, a soft boiled egg and nicoise olives. After the first bite, I was dancing inside…the thinly sliced potatoes on top of the arctic char topped with a little bit of sea salt were so flavorful, and added so much dimension and texture to the fish. Like I mentioned before…I am an olive fanatic. If there is an olive on a menu, I am eating it. There’s something about the natural salty, complex flavors that I cannot get enough of. So in addition to the olive appetizer, my entrée had nicoise olives. It was the perfect little salty bite to add to the fish and the salad with the soft boiled egg. For the girl who always salts her food, this meal was the perfect amount of salt, and was perfectly seasoned. Every bite was enjoyed until the last! I cannot recommend Absinthe enough…go now!


Xoxo Ariana

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San Francisco’s Most Stylish Interchangeable Watch Brand~Modify Watches

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kxIMG_7500hIMG_7651Behind the scenes shots on location; my new rose gold face with crimson and black straps; a few of the Modify strap choices; Ayo and Aaron doing a Superman dive…why not?; left to right Antonio, Aaron, Ayo and Ashil


Dear Fashionistas,

We were invited to spend the day at the Modify Watches “Fashionista/Summer Campaign” photo shoot this weekend and couldn’t have been more stoked to participate. We featured them in a post here during the World Series last year and thought we knew everything we needed to know about Modify. They’re a San Francisco based company that makes watches with interchangeable faces and straps. Easy enough, right? Wrong. The day went something like this…

We showed up bright and early to an outdoor location in downtown SF. A little “misty” out (no shock here) but everyone was in warm spirits and ready to get this photo shoot underway. Super photog Antonio De Lucci and his crew were ready to roll. Our gorgeous model Kaitlyn arrived with hair & makeup (Tricia had her work cut out for her with the rain), and Liddy & Lauren from our favorite shop Hangr 16 were there to do the styling. The shoot got going and we were loving the concept of mixing these super fun, bright, eclectic watches with Vuitton heels and an Hermes Clutch. As we’re talking to the Creative Director for the company we’re starting to understand his motto for Modify ~ Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime. We’re wearing our staple oversized gold watch that we thought was the only thing that went with our blush pink Prada and starting to feel a tinge of jealousy seeing everyone in these sweet combinations ~ but we keep it to ourselves for now…

We did several sartorial shots in and around the alleyways (can’t wait to see them hit the press!) and headed back to Modify Headquarters in SOMA for wardrobe change and to pick up more models. Here’s where the magic started unfolding for us. We start to get it. Modify Watches is a company that sells watches. Really sweet watches that we are now fully obsessed with owning all of and getting everyone we know into. The beauty of Modify Watches isn’t just the really cool color combinations (camo face, glitter face and clear strap coming to a store near you soon!) but the fact that Modify is a lifestyle. We love the term so we’ll say it….it’s a movement. The small team behind Modify all have one thing in common ~ they want to build and be part of a community of people that are involved in something. After spending 15 hours with Ashil (Creative Director), Ayo (VP of Marketing),  Aaron (Co-Founder), and Michael (Marketing) we got the feeling that “that something” mainly requires having fun. They call their community the ModiFamily and it’s a worldwide network of peeps that not only rock their Mod’s everywhere but also design and vote on which designs are going to be produced. During March they did a “March MODness” Sweet 16 bracket where facebook fans voted on their fave watch faces and whittled it down to the final 4 this past Friday. We can’t wait to see which one gets made! In essence the ModiFamily controls what the company does and this will carry on far after the company moves from watches into other interchangeable goods (fingers crossed that more products are to come!).

We continued the shoot with the rest of the amazing models Lizzie, Jackie, Vince, Oscar (he rocked our favorite combo of the day- purple button up, purple bow tie, beanie and purple watch) and Modify’s own Michael Vlamis (who I didn’t find out until the END of the night was just on this episode of New Girl…What?! Tell us everything about Zooey!) and wrapped it up with a pool scene showcasing that the watches are water-resistant. Yes, Aaron ended up in the pool and this seems to be the only way he would have wanted to end the day. It was super clear that there HAD to be a spontaneous element happening in order for it to be true to the brand that is Modify and we love them for it.

As we wrapped up at ModiHQ they graciously let us pick some swag to rock (thankfully because at this point the desire to be part of the family was way too much. The gold watch came off and the Mod was on before we stepped out the door to grab a cocktail at the neighborhood bar). It became even more obvious with how long everyone took to find their perfect combinations just how awesome this whole mix and match concept really is. The possibilities are endless and the good news is the watch faces($25-$30) and straps($15-$20) are super affordable so you can buy enough options to have a “classic look”, and then 47 fun bright ones that pop. We ended up with the rose gold face and the crimson and black straps to keep it classy (check them out with the Prada and Marc Jacobs above) but know that our next purchase is one of the neons to spice things up. Side note – they come in mini (the one we got) and classic sizes.

All in all what we took away from getting to spend the day with the Modify guys is this:

  • We want to be and now are part of the #ModiFamily. We could have snapped some pics and called it a day but we just. couldn’t. leave. and that’s a rare vibe to find
  • Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime. From grandparents to kids, athletes to cubicle folk, fashionistas to dogs (yes….dogs are part of the family too) everyone fits the lifestyle that is Modify
  • They actually care. Each order comes with a hand written note that starts your Mod relationship
  • They have a pretty awesome facebook and twitter thing going
  • These guys don’t take themselves too seriously (check out their website to see their favorite SNL skits and photos of them when they were kids) but they all clearly get what it means to love what you do, surround yourself with like minded people, and feel good about doing a really great job. And they’re on to something.

xoxo Kris


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12 Days of Cocktails & Cashmere-Day 8

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12 days of cockatil & cashmereDear Fashionistas,

We’re back!!! Sorry about the slight hiatus but we had to take care of some business and missed all of you dearly! Fashionista San Francisco is ready to round out the 12 Days of Cocktails & Cashmere and thought we’d pump it up with a luxury piece from one of our favorite houses:Burberry. “Check” out this Check Wool Cashmere Blanket Jacket…every word in that title sounds perfect to us. Even better is that it’s on sale for half the price so you can grab it for a steal at $1599 😉 We are dying over the traditional check pattern with the velvet trim and bow belt – you can tell by now our style is heavy on the play between boyfriend wear/still looking cute and this is the super elevated version of that. To sip on while you are in English Countryside mode is this Presbyterian Revenge.  Made from scotch, simple syrup, lemon juice, soda water, a grapefruit twist and a special little bitter called Cynar (which is basically artichoke liqueur!) it’s what we envision as just the right drink to cut through all of that rich Christmas food.

xoxo Kris

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12 Days of Cocktails & Cashmere-Day 3

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sake apple martini

Dear Fashionistas,

Time to spice things up a little with this Holiday list and what better than a piece with a little bit of surprise? This J.Crew Collection Cashmere Back-Zip Mockneck Sweater looks innocent enough from the front but we love the heavy zipper detailing on the back and especially love it paired with leather pants to give it a balanced edge. This girl looks like the type of girl that’s not afraid of a little adventure so we thought a sake cocktail would be just her thing. The Ringo Star (ringo is the Japanese word for apple!) from Chic Cuisine fave Food & Wine is perfect…gently warm 2 oz dry sake, 1 1/2 oz apple cider and 1/2 oz caramel sauce in a saucepan on low. Stir well, pour into a martini glass, garnish with a cinnamon stick, and you’re ready to take this beautiful city by storm.

Have you had your girlfriends over for any of these cocktails yet? We’d love to know!

xoxo Kris

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Our First Giveaway-A Fabulous Necklace From Our Kyler by Joy O Interview!

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CONGRATULATIONS MALLORY FOR WINNING THE KYLER BY JOY O ANODE CHARM NECKLACE WITH HER BONUS TWITTER ENTRY!!   Fashionista San Francisco knows you’ll be the talk of the town in your cashmere cape sweater and skinnies!

xoxo Kris


Dear Fashionistas,

Get excited for Fashionista San Francisco’s first ever giveaway!! You all saw the gorgeous designs of Kyler by Joy O in my interview here. Well the fabulous Joy O was so excited about our readers that she wants one of you wearing her Anode Charm Necklaces! You can see Jessica Alba is a fan wearing the Anode Collar Necklace in mixed metals…so hot!

Here’s all you need to do to enter:

  • like Fashionista San Francisco facebook page
  • subscribe to our blog by entering your email address on the right
  • like Kyler Jewelry facebook page
  • comment on this post to tell us what fab fall outfit you’d wear this beauty with
  • “bonus” entry if you follow @FashSanFran on twitter!

So easy!

Drawing will be held Tuesday 9/25…Good luck Fashionistas!

xoxo Kris


The Future’s So Bright…

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sweater: J. Crew; pants: Hollister; jewelry:House of Harlow; ankle boots & clutch: F21


Dear Fashionistas,

At Fashionista San Francisco we couldn’t be more excited for Fall’s new fashions. Oxblood, geometric, navy, velvet…we love it all! For some reason though every time we open our closets and reach for those burgundy cord skinnies we can’t help but be drawn to our favorite brights from Summer. Are we really ready to let all those amazingly blinding pants go yet? How much of a fashion high did you get when you were wearing actual sunshine?! The future of Fall is bright but we felt that on this sunny San Francisco day we would keep Summer’s fashions going a little bit longer and encourage onlookers to wear some shades. Who’s with us…? Comment to let us know what Summer fashions you’re sad to see go.

xoxo Kris


Labor Day Whites Get Whimsical With Derek Lam

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Dear Fashionistas,

Long gone is the rule that you can’t wear white after Labor Day (Coco Chanel herself kicked those rules to the curb back in the 20’s when she included white in her style year round). Even so, when we think of this holiday white still seems to be the only thing that pops into our heads. We thought it would be fun to find some great whites for your beach party/BBQ/summer house excursion this long weekend! As we happily transition into this Fall’s great pieces lets say goodbye to Summer in style…Fashionista San Francisco style. San Francisco born Derek Lam seems a great place to start so here’s an all Lam compilation…with a little Alexis Bittar jewelry thrown in. Shop Alexis Bittar jewels at his SF boutique in Pac Heights at 1942 Fillmore St….it’s one of only 5 brick & mortars that he has…and most importantly have a fabulously chic all white weekend!

xoxo Kris

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