Chic Cusine

Welcome to Fashionista San Francisco’s “Chic Cusine”!  We will be devoting this page to the fashionable foodie. After all, once you’ve styled that perfect outfit you need a place to sashay off to, right? San Francisco is brimming with amazing food experiences from bucket list restaurants to big star food trucks. To help wash it all down, San Francisco has one-of-a-kind mixologists shaking it up with flavorful chic cocktails right next to the craft beer connoisseur.

We’ll be bringing you highlights from our visits around town as well as our own favorite tried and true recipes.  For those nights when you want to host a chic gathering of your own, you can expect only recipes that we perfected and approved (someone has to do it) and tips for entertaining to make your life a breeze and your guests fall at your Jimmy Choos.

Click here to follow us as we sip and nibble our way in style through the city by the bay.