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Elizabeth Street Cosmetics Gets Inspired by San Francisco Neighborhoods

Posted on: 8 September 2013 | 0 comments


Dear Fashionistas,

In her non-Fashionista life, Erica’s job is to make maps of neighborhoods. So imagine her joy when she learned that Elizabeth Street Cosmetics line of lip glosses, lipsticks, and balms were all inspired by San Francisco neighborhoods.

The founder and entire creative force, Kelly Crispen, says walking inspires her. She frequently traverses all over of San Francisco, drawing ideas from the buildings, streets, and people along the way. Her first gloss came from her home neighborhood of Noe Valley, but now there are forty different glosses in her line (plus lipsticks and balms), each drawing from the character of a San Francisco neighborhood: Mission is a bold and classic red, Castro a dusty rose, Treat a warm plum.

Appropriate to this walking spirit, Elizabeth Street Cosmetics can be found all over the city. Kelly sells out of several stockists, which she stops in and visits regularly (usually on foot). In addition, Kelly hand-delivers throughout the city and sees clients by appointment, where she’ll help you pick the perfect lip color and apply her decades of makeup experience to your own supplies.

While speaking to Kelly, Erica confessed up front that her own lips are frequently unadorned – but you must understand that this is due to a lack of knowledge and not a lack of interest. Kelly thought for a moment, and then asked a few questions about Erica’s makeup preferences before opening her bag. From a vast plethora of gloss tubes she took out Balmy, explaining that if Erica wanted to play up her eyes (she was wearing only mascara and liner that day), the best bet was for something shimmery or nude. Nothing too distracting.

Balmy, as it turns out, is almost the exact color as Erica’s lips, only with a slight shimmer. As a test, Erica put it on before she went to work a couple days later. She found that it goes on thick and stays on: she only needed to re-apply a couple times. The color and shimmer were just the right combination of statement without overwhelming the rest of Erica’s makeup, exactly what she was looking for in a day-to-day gloss.

If you’d like to get your hands on Kelly’s glosses, lipsticks, and balms, here is a list of stores where you can find them. Colors are never discontinued, and the with a city as vibrant and varied as San Francisco, we can’t imagine Kelly running out of inspiration any time soon.

 Ta Ta,
Erica Fagin, Fashionista San Francisco Contributor